Restaurant Services

  • World Class Valet
  • Eliminate Loss of Revenue
  • Efficient Use of Available Parking
  • Coat Check-Hangers & Coat Racks Provided
  • Fast, Reliable, Professional
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
In the city where there are lots of fine dining options, it can be a challenge, no matter the quality of your restaurant, to set your business apart from the competition. We can provide that competitive edge you may be looking for.

Loss of revenue can happen when your patrons have difficulty finding parking, especially when the closest available is on street parking that fills up quickly. Our services will enhance your business and provide you with an easy solution to any problematic parking situation. We can manage a nearby parking garage or valet right from your front door.

Our staff is sure to make a great first impression with their black-tie attire and friendly welcome. You will never lose a table of guests again with Park Avenue services at your disposal.